Get your hands on our TIGER BALLS.  Our Aquacultured Chaetomorpha will be perfect as a refugium starter or even added to your main display to seed pods, and feed the most finicky of fish.  Our Balls are a tight, and the size of a softball  ONLY 20$. 


MASSIVE BASKET BALL SIZE AVAILABLE $150 each call or email to inquire for availability.



1-5 BALLS $20 Each

6-10 PACK $18 Each

11+ CALL


for example:

If you are ORDERING 7 BALLS use drop down menu to pick "6-10" and add QTY of "7" to earn discount. 

Aquacultured Chaetomorpha

  • Species: Aquacultured Chaetomorpha

    Common:  Chaeto

    Category: Reef Safe and SEEDED WITH PODS

    APROX Purchase Size:  SOFTBALL+ packed tight not a loose ball of air



    SPECIAL NOTE: SEEDED Aquacultured Chaetomorpha

    Natural Ecology: When used properly and in large enough volume Aquacultured Chaetomorphawill HELP in reduction of Nitrate, Phosphate, and allow for biodiversity to flurish in the refugium.

    Aquarium Size : PICO and Above


    ORIGIN: Tiger Lily's Aquaculture Facility Monterey CA.


    Feeding: Proper lighting REQUIRED for Photosynthesis

    Aggression: It's not a venus fly's CHAETO!