Pseudanthias bimaculatus color is outstanding the females display an intense hot pink main body that gives way to a sunflower yellow lateral spine and dorasl fin that will light up your tank.  As most Anthias females can turn male in the aquairum.  75 gallon MINIMUM display when housing these very acttive and attractive fish.  With plenty of caves our shelters for hiding is STRONGLY suggested.

BIMACULATUS ANTHIAS Pseudanthias bimaculatus

  • Species: Pseudanthias bimaculatus

    Common:  Bimaculatus Anthias

    Category: Reef Safe Marine fish

    APROX Purchase Size: 2.5 inches


    SPECIAL NOTE: Pseudanthias bimaculatus can be aggressive towards other anthias.  It is suggested only one species be housed unless the aquarium is 200+ Gallons

    Natural Ecology: Pseudanthias bimaculatus is an opertunistic feeder and will eat frozen foods readily, this species REQUIRES multi feedings of meaty type foods everyday.

    Aquarium Size : REQUIRED 75 Gallons and Above


    ORIGIN: Indo Pacific


    Feeding: Plankton, Mysis shrimp, brine shrimp DAILY.


    Aggression: Semi Aggresive; This species is one of the least aggressive species in the genus.