Blood Red Fire Shrimp (Lysmata debelius)

Are active cleaners ectoparasites or dead tissue from fish and other inverts in the reef.  They will reside in an area within your live rock or coral outcroppings and wait for fish to come and be cleaned of.  This peaceful creature is an asset for the home aquarists and the fish in ytour reef. 




Blood Red Fire Shrimp Lysmata debelius

  • Species: Lysmata debelius

    Common:  Blood Red Fire Shrimp

    Category: Reef Safe CLEAN UP CREW

    APROX Purchase Size: ~1.5"



    SPECIAL NOTE: Lysmata are easy to keep, they spend most of their time in a specific area they choose to be there office so to speak.

    Natural Ecology: Lysmata inhabit rocky reef and intertidal zones. They often are found living in and near the base of rock formations, and within crevices looking for fish to service.  

    Aquarium Size : PICO and Above


    ORIGIN: Wide Spread 

    Feeding:   Mysis, pellet and flake, The will also eat left over foods as well.

    Aggression: NOT Aggresive; This species is docile.