BUMBLE BEE Snail   Engina sp. are un underated CUC member.  Being that they are carnivores they play a crucial role in taking down some of the most undesired pest including: bristle worms and vermitids.  As well as, detritus removal and sand sifting.  They reside mostly within the sand bed so often times the beauty of these snails is not displayed constantly, but the beauty they will allow in reducing PEST LOAD is worth every penny.



1-9 $3.25 Each

10 PACK $2.90 Each

20 PACK $2.75 Each


  • Species: Engina sp.

    Common:  Bumble Bee Snail

    Category: Reef Safe CLEAN UP CREW

    APROX Purchase Size:  ~1/4"



    SPECIAL NOTE: Engina sp. Snails are easy to keep, they spend most of their time deep in the sand bed until night or when a food source is near.  They seek and destroy MANY unwanted reef pests.

    Natural Ecology: Engina sp. snail inhabit sand beds and substrate protected from predetors during the day. They often are found living in and near the base of rock formations.   

    Aquarium Size : PICO and Above


    ORIGIN: Indo Pacific


    Feeding: Detritus, will eat left over foods as well, and other waste within the aquarium, as well as, bristle worms, Vermitid snails, and other pests.


    Aggression: NOT/SEMI Aggresive; This species is docile when it has ample food.  IF NO FOOD SOURCE IS AVAILABLE THEY CAN ATTACK OTHER SNAILS.