Cerith Fluctosus snails are a smaller snail species that are fantastic at getting into small areas which most turbos are unable to reach.  The also have a nice shell that is pleaseant to look at meandering around the reef.



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CERITH SNAIL Cerith Fluctosus

  • Species: Cerith Fluctosus

    Common:  Cerith Snail

    Category: Reef Safe CLEAN UP CREW

    APROX Purchase Size:  ~1/2"



    SPECIAL NOTE: Cerith Fluctosus Snails are easy to keep, they spend most of their time foraging rock work as well as algae that can accumulate on the glass.

    Natural Ecology: Cerith Fluctosus snails inhabit rocky shoals and substrate crevices protected from predetors.

    Aquarium Size : PICO and Above


    ORIGIN: Indo Pacific


    Feeding: Algae, detritus, and they will eat left over foods as well.

    Aggression: NOT Aggresive; This species is docile and long lived when it has ample food.