These Duncans offer intese neon green heads as well as SCREAMIN' Green Skeleton.  1 LARGE head on this frag your Duncan colony will be a starting off right.  A great addition to any suitable reef aquarium.

KRYPTONITE DUNCAN Duncanopsammia axifuga

  • Coral Name : Duncanopsammia axifuga

    Common Name : Kryptonite Duncans

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    Size:1 Head


    Aquarium Size : Nano and Above

    ORIGIN: Aquaculture

    Size: 1 Head 

    Care Level: Easy

    Lighting: Moderate to High PAR

    Placement: Middle to Top IN MOST AQUARIUMS 

    Temperament: NON-aggressive  

    Waterflow: UNDULATED and medium to low FLOW

    Classification: LPS / BRANCHING

    Feeding: WIll benifit from feeding.  Yet, NOT required.