The Longnose Hawkfish adds a great splash of red and white to the aquairum, well known to be model reef citizens (especially when well fed) They will perch STEALTH MODE on your corals and rock work waiting for feeding time.  The lightning quick attack makes feeding time on the REEF a spectacle for all.  


CAUTIONARY : if you are housing ornamental shrimp and if not feed ample foods will attack snails and other clean up crew.


LONGNOSE HAWKFISH Oxycirrhites typus

  • Species: Oxycirrhites typus

    Common:  Longnose Hawkfish

    Category: CAUTIONARY - REEF

    APROX Purchase Size: 1.5 - 2 inches


    SPECIAL NOTE: Oxycirrhites typus is easy to keep, they readily accept frozen mysis and brine.  Often can be seen eating flake food, and small pellet.

    Natural Ecology: Oxycirrhites typus inhabits rocky areas as well as perching upon corals waiting to ambush prey from above. 

    Aquarium Size : PICO and Above


    ORIGIN: Pacific Ocean


    Feeding: Plankton, blended Mysis shrimp, baby brine shrimp, pellet (occassionaly) and flake.


    Aggression: Semi Aggresive; This species is fairly docile.