This RAINBOW chalice has an AQUA base with splashes of PURPLE, ORANGE, GREEN, and a hint of YELLOW stiched through the growth.  This chalice is ~2.5" x 2.5"++ not a little fragnent.  Definate wow factor.


RAINBOW chalice

  • Genus : Echinopyhillia sp.

    Common: RAINBOW chalice

    Category: wysiwyg

    Size: 2.25"  MINI Colony / XL FRAG


    Aquarium Size : Nano and Above

    ORIGIN: Aquaculture

    Size: ~2.25" XL FRAG

    Care Level: Easy

    Lighting: Medium

    Placement: Middle IN MOST AQUARIUMS 


    Waterflow: LOW

    Classification: LPS / ENCRUSTING / Chalice

    Feeding: WIll benifit from feeding.  Yet, NOT required.