The Sailfin Tang Zebrasoma velifer is a delightful striped Tang species, but it does a good ammount of swim space as most Tang species.  They are aggressive towards other tangs so take causiton when housing multiple tangs.


These fish tend to LOOSE  A LOT of the yellow coloration as they reach more mature age.

SAILFIN TANG Zebrasoma velifer

  • Species: Zebrasoma velifer

    Common: Sailfin Tang

    Category: Reef Safe Marine fish

    APROX Purchase Size:

    SMALL =  2 - 2.75 inches

    MEDIUM =  2.76 - 3 inches

    LARGE =  3.01 - 4 inches

    X LARGE =  4.01 inches +


    SPECIAL NOTE: Sailfin Tang are not difficult to keep.  Once acclimated they readily accept frozen mysis and brine, flake food, and small pellet.

    Natural Ecology:Zebrasoma velifer are found exploring the reefs of of many warm water reefs.

    Aquarium Size : 100 GALLON MINIMUM 


    ORIGIN: Fiji


    Feeding: Plankton, blended Mysis shrimp, baby brine shrimp, pellet (occassionaly) and flake.


    Aggression: SEMI Aggresive; This species is often highly aggressive towards other Tangs.