Now if you have never had the opportunity to see these little guys in person you are missing out.  They truly will still a place in your heart and give you hours of laughter.  We have seen them make homes in lart mats of Palythoa polyps, crevices in rock work as well as nesting atop power heads.  The interesting behaviour is se to give you a chuckle if not out right belly splitting laughter. 

TAILSPOT BLENNY Ecsenius stigmatura

  • Species: Ecsenius stigmatura

    Common:  Tailspot Blenny

    Category: Reef Safe Marine fish

    APROX Purchase Size:

    SMALL = 1-2"

    MEDIUM = 2.01"+


    SPECIAL NOTE: Ecsenius stigmatura is easy to keep, they readily accept frozen mysis and brine, flake food, and pellet.

    Natural Ecology: Ecsenius stigmatura inhabits rocky areas and shallow lagoons of the protected coastal bays. They often are found living in small holes, empty shells, and near and around areas to consume algae.   

    Aquarium Size : PICO and Above


    ORIGIN: Western Pacific


    Feeding: Plankton, Mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, pellet and flake.


    Aggression: NOT Aggresive; This species is docile.