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Many consider this species a REEF CAUTIONARY fish.  Yet, here at Tiger Lily's House of Fish, this is one of the most dedicated algae eaters we have come across.   Placed in nearly ALL aquariums we install, and is a STAFF PICK for Algae control.  Out of the DOZENS that we have placed in home and business aquariums we have had ZERO issues.  Even with LPS, SPS heavy tanks.  We give the  CORAL RABBITFISH Siganus corallinus a 5 star RATING!  

CORAL RABBITFISH Siganus corallinus

  • Species:  Siganus corallinus

    Common:  Coral Rabbitfish aka Blue-spotted spinefoot aka Blue-lined Rabbitfish aka Barred Spinefoot

    Category: Reef CAUTIONARY

    APROX Purchase Size:

    SMALL =  2 - 3 inches

    MEDIUM =  3.01 - 4 inches

    LARGE =  4.01 - 5 inches

    X LARGE =  5.01 inches +


    SPECIAL NOTE: Blue-spotted spinefoot is easy to keep, they readily accept frozen mysis and brine, flake food, and small pellet.  THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST ALGAE EATING FISH WE HAVE EVER HAD

    Natural Ecology: Siganus corallinus are found exploring the reefs of Indonesia and Indo Pacific (Fiji) is one of the most often collection points, this fish grazes multiple types of algae.  They are known to be passive towards Tangs, however, when housing multiple rabbittfish aggression may occure in smaller aquariums

    Aquarium Size : 75 GALLON MINIMUM 


    ORIGIN: Fiji


    Feeding: Plankton, blended Mysis shrimp, baby brine shrimp, pellet (occassionaly) and flake.


    Aggression: NON Aggresive; This species is often very passive towards Tangs and other more aggressive species.


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